We Are the Long Distance Trails Crew

The Long Distance Trails Crew
Who are they? What do they do?

This short video is our Power Point presentation
with a voice over presenter.

On our website, Longdistancetrailscrew.org
we have photos and videos from all our trail building projects.
LDTC, the Long Distance Trails Crew,
have been working together since 2011,
is an all volunteer crew who build and maintain hiking trails
in New York west of the Hudson River and in New Jersey.
New volunteers are always welcome, no experience necessary,
just a desire to work hard and have some fun.

If this looks like something you want to be part of,
come on out and join in. You'll be glad you did.

Long Distance Trails Crew
We Rock your Trail
LongDistanceTrailsCrew.org - our website
crew@LongDistanceTrailsCrew.org - our email

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